Children's clothing brand Laska Kidswear was founded in Tallinn (Estonia) in 2013. The history of the brand is closely connected with the desire of the founders to dress their children in most comfortable clothes, of highest quality, environment-friendly. In today's world, with its large number of children's collections, there were so few modern ‘smart’ clothes for kids, with a 100% quality guarantee. And there was a dream to create the items that the baby would be comfortable in, as well as mother would be confident that her child is safe all day long. Thus, the family company was born, based on true human values, professional ethics, beauty and the best materials, which are selected personally by the creators of the brand. The desire to create not only ecological, but also aesthetic clothing for young fashionistas, led the founders of the brand to Norway. The important point of collaboration with a team of Norwegian designers was to keep signature and unique Laska Kidswear style as it was created in the beginning. The main concept – to wear clothes from Laska Kidswear it's as natural as to love your family, like to laugh and enjoy life.

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